The World’s 10 Best Places to Visit in 2020

No one can deny, traveling is one of the great pleasures of life. Getting to know other cultures, other landscapes, other foods. Anyway, we seem to be stuck with the same travel destinations every time. Whether it is because that’s where the family is going, it’s an Instagram worthy location, it seems to have hype lately. But us real travelers know that there are some many places left to be discovered.
Here are some places for you to go discover in 2020. Cause, after all, isn’t dreaming about places totally new to us why we travel in the first place?

1. Cambodia

Situated in Asia, you’re most likely to know Cambodia because of its worse than its good. However, and fortunately for us, one of the good is that it is an amazing travel destination.
For the basics visit the Siem Reap and Angkor Wat temples. But since 2018 there’s a reason to head much further south. Set inside the South Cardamom National Park), this all-inclusive luxury camp with 15 tented suites is the brainchild of hotel designer Bill Bensley. A destination that is a must at least once in your lifetime.

2. Uttarakhand, India

Often called the land of Gods (already sounds good, huh?), this state is dotted with ancient temples, hill stations, and snowcapped peaks. One of Hinduism’s holiest cities. You can either go for a fuss accommodation catering to die-hard yogis,
Yogis, or stay in the upmarket lodgings. The Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa is a luxurious, nature-filled treat along the Ganges.

3. Esquí Valley Chile

This place biggest attraction is its lack of artificial light. Why? Because it allows scientists and stargazers to enjoy the delights of the night sky like no other place. It’s one of the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary. Even if you’re not a star lover, the lush valley is also hailed for its Andes-flanked nature trails, world-class wines, and distilleries. So if you want to delight yourself by nature while holding a nice glass
a nice glass of wine, this is the place to go to.

4. The Grenadines

A chain of dozens of islands south of St. Vincent. Recently, the tourism infrastructure and local economy come to match the archipelago’s raw natural beauty. A new airport, allows flights from New York, Miami, and landing of private jets. And the development of sleek boutique hotels is now better than ever.

5. Helsinki, Finland

The capital of Finland has an uphold reputation as an art and design mecca. Hotel St. George opened in a 19th-century building in the Kampii district, once the center of the city’s printing industry. This property features more than 400 pieces of art. Also, Oodi, Helsinki’s new central library, is one of the best discoveries you’ll make. Visit this culture-filled city for an emergent art experience.

6. San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

San Cristobal is located high in a mountain valley in the state of Chiapas and is (admittedly) not the easiest destination to get to. But the reward is worth it. Visiting one of the most picturesque colonial-era cities. San Cristobal was once filled (and still kind of is) with French immigrants, meaning, great bread that you can eat next to amazing Chiapanese coffee. Not only is the village great but the surrounding region is known for its rich culture and epic nature. San Cristobal is the ideal base from which to explore it all.

7. Namibia

The Namibian desert has an astonishing beauty and has had admirers for a while now. Until recently, visitors were staying in South Africa, Zimbabwe, or Botswana and arrived using 4x4s. However, there are now some upscale new lodges ready to receive you and get you to have the full Namibian experience. An infinity pool, boutique spas, red sand dunes, desert elephants, lions, giraffes. All of these are part of an African experience you’d be a fool to miss.

8. Matera, Italy

On the instep of Italy’s boot, this is one of the many Italian gems. Matera is best known for the white Sassi structures carved into its limestone hills, which earned the town a UNESCO designation. Matera is a European capital of culture. Museum casa Noha gives a glimpse of the cities past. Cook’s Fun at Mary’s will have you cooking and eating the traditional cuisine. High-design caves of Enoteca Dai Tosi for Piatt and rosé. Passegiatta, churches, shops, and piazza. One of the most beautiful cities in Italy is ready for you to learn everything about it and enjoy everything it offers.

9. Montecito, California

This Santa Barbara County has only recently recovered from the Thomas fire. But that didn’t make it any less determined to give us their specialty, Southern Californian Luxury. Top hotels, spas, boutiques along the coast. Exhibitions at the Santa Barbara Museum of art will have you in awe. If you’re more of a natural person, Montecito has got something for you too: Hiking. Romero Canyon trail is one of the favorite destinations to do so because of its cool forest stretches and panoramic views. For an easier walk, you can also go along Butterfly Beach and finish with a glamorous sunset cocktail at the Four Seasons.

10. Seychelles

African beauty at its finest. Seychelles is a series of islands just under a thousand miles of the cost of East Africa. It is famous for its life-renewing experience. Lounge at the beach and snorkel like you’ve never before in its pristine aquamarine water. Whether you’d rather island hop or stay in one, you have a lot of top quality options to explore. The Desroches island offers animal sanctuaries, giant tortoises, cycling kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing available for every guest. See the red granite of Curieuse island, the unspoiled nature of Aide, bathe in the crystal-clear pools of Argent island.

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