The most beautiful royal women

What do you think makes a woman beautiful? Or what do you understand by the word beauty? What is so unique that makes a woman look beautiful? It can be hard to find a common standard of beauty; each and every person perceives beauty in their own different way according to their preferences, just like the old saying goes “beauty lies in the hands of the beholder” however there is a level of beauty that will blow away everyone regardless of what they believe. Well, that kind of beauty is what I am talking about. There is a thing with royal women when it comes to beauty, almost all of them are very beautiful, is it a package that comes with royalty? Well am not in a position to give you that answer because I haven’t been there before, however, what I can give you is a list of the most beautiful woman in the world who are royals, technically these are one of the most beautiful and richest women in the world too ;

Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel

Well, you see her and your world stops for a minute. She is one of the most beautiful Arab and Muslim women, she was born in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and she is currently 36 years. Princess Ameerah is a graduate from the University of New Haven with a degree in business administration, the knowledge which she is really using because she is the vice-chairperson of Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation which is in Saudi Arabia though is a global company and she is also the chairperson of Time Entertainment Company. She first got married in 2008 but later divorced in 2013. She lands on this list as the most beautiful royal woman in the world.

Rania al Abdullah

She is the queen consort of Jordan; she is one of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the best in the royal category too, you can keep naming the lists because you will always find her in any small list that is ranking beautiful women. She was born in 1970 in Kuwait as the ‘queen consort of Jordan’. She got married to the king of Jordan in 1993 and she has two daughters and two sons. She is mostly involved in advocating for various sectors in Jordan mostly though she extends this s to other parts of the world too.

Kate Middleton

She is the royal highness, the Duchess of Cambridge. She is the royal you cannot forget, keeping in mind that you attended her wedding just in 2011 when she got married to Prince Williams, the grandson to Queen Elizabeth II of England. She was born in the United Kingdom in 1982. She was not born in a royal family but she ended up in royalty by marriage. She is one of the most beautiful royal women in the world. She does a lot of charity work back in the UK helping out children and people struggling with addiction. She has landed on very many lists which ranks the most beautiful women in the world.

Charlotte Casiraghi

She is the granddaughter to king Rainier the third, this means she is currently the princess of Monaco. She was born in Monaco in 1986 and there have been other ten successors before she came to be the princess of Monaco. She is regarded as a bone of the most beautiful women in the royal category and also the normal category. That is the reason why she ranks fourth in our list of the most beautiful royal women in the world.

Queen Letizia of Spain

She is the wife to King Felipe VI, she got into royalty by marriage that is in 2004, she severally represented King Juan Carlos who was her father in law on several missions abroad and after King Carlos got abducted by the law in Spain, she was named the queen of Spain. She is one of the most, beautiful women in the whole of Spain and in the world of royalty too. She has featured in several lists being ranked among the most beautiful women in the world; this list ranks her as the fifth most beautiful royal woman in the world.

Princess Madeleine

She is the Duchess of Hasingland and Gastrikland. The Duchess who was born in Sweden has amazed many with her beauty. She is a daughter to King Carl XVI that makes her a royal by birth; she was named the third in succession just after her birth, she is married with two children now, however, her beauty makes her look really young, she has been ranked in many lists of most beautiful women in Sweden and in the whole world too. She is one of the most beautiful among the royals too; she ranks as the sixth most beautiful royal woman in the world.

Jetsun Pema Queen of Bhutan

She is the youngest in our list today; she is the Queen of Thimphu in Bhutan in the year 1990, she was married in 2011 to the King of Bhutan named King Jigme Khesar. She studied in London and graduated in international relations with psychology. She entered into royalty through marriage; she was married to the king of Bhutan. She is one of the most beautiful royals in the world. On our list of the most beautiful royals today, she ranks at number seven; however, she has featured on many other lists as the most beautiful women in India and in the world too.
To sum up, this list is containing just the seven most beautiful women royals; however, there are other very many women royalties who are beautiful but these particular ones top them in the list. Finally, these women are still in the category of beautiful richest women in the world.

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