The Health Benefits Of cauliflower

It may be hard to get children to eat their vegetables, but cauliflower is a must due to its high nutrient content, particularly for growing kids. High fiber is a principal benefit to the white or green growing plant. The major nutrient in cauliflower is choline. Choline can be deficient in many people, but it plays an important role in brain development and the production and maintenance of neurotransmitters. This provides for a healthy nervous system while supporting a healthy metabolism.

  • Nutritional Info:

Caloric Ratios: 78% Carbs, 3% Fats, 19% Protein
Estimated Glycemic Load: 2
Vitamin Benefits: High in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, and Folate.
Mineral Benefits: High in Potassium and Manganese.

  • Body Benefits:

One cup of cauliflower delivers 77%DV of Vitamin C, 20%DV of Vitamin K, and 10%DV of fiber, along with a slew of other nutrients. Choline helps maintain the integrity of the body’s cell walls and the internal ordering of the synthesis of DNA. It also supports lower risks to liver and heart disease and lower risks to brain issues like dementia. It is hard to find choline in vegetables and cauliflower is one of the primary participants in the choline club.

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