The Health Benefits Of Buddha’s hand

Buddha’s hand has been used in homeopathic medicines in India and China for generations. The principal uses are to reduce pain, naturally boost the body’s immune system, cut inflammation, solve stomach cramping, lower blood pressure, stabilize heart rate, and help with breathing and respiratory issues. This is a long list of different benefits. In ancient times and today, it is sought after as a medical herb, a base for perfume, and ornamental fruit. With little to no water or seeds, its yellow fingers grow from the base of the bud and are rich in volatile oils and nice smelling compounds.

  • Nutritional Info:

Caloric Ratios: 95% Carbs, 3% Fats, 2% Protein
Estimated Glycemic Load: 1
Vitamin Benefits: High in Vitamin C.
Mineral Benefits: High in Calcium.

  • Body Benefits:

One serving can deliver up to 10% of your daily fiber. This is astonishing considering the small size of the fruit. The chemical compounds coumarin, limonin, and diosmin are anti-inflammatory chemicals that allow the body to heal when there is an injury and thus release the pain. The perfumes in the fruit are used as an expectorant that dries up the phlegm and helps with coughing and congestion. The large fiber content help with all stomach-related issues like diarrhea, cramping, constipation, and bloating. Overall the nutritional benefits help you lower your blood pressure, boost immunity, and release built-up tension.

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