Small Changes to Make Your Life More Organized

When you look at people who are organized, you may think that they were just born that way. However, that is not true. Organized people have to put in the effort to cultivate healthy habits that help them stay ahead of their plans.

Even if you think you are disorganized by nature, you can always change that. Only a few simple changes in your everyday life can help you achieve a more organized lifestyle. As long as you are willing to put in an extra effort, being organized is a very easy thing to do.

Here are 10 easy ways to keep yourself organized:

1. Write Everything Down

The first step towards becoming organized is to make a habit of writing everything down. If you think that people who always remember birthdays and important events have impressive memory, that is just not true. Those people only have a habit of jotting important dates down which helps them remember things at their fingertips.

Even if writing with a pencil and paper is not efficient for you, you can always note things down on your phone. If you have an upcoming presentation or a long grocery list, simply make a list of everything you need to do and you will find it easier to remember later. You can also refer back to this list to ensure that you remain organized.

2. Set Schedules and Deadlines for Yourself

One of the most common mistakes that disorganized people make is not having a strict schedule. To be more productive, you need to create an effective schedule for yourself. A great way to make schedules is to divide your tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and sort the tasks according to priority. This will help you make time for what is most important and ensure that you get everything done in time.

Apart from schedules, you also need to set realistic deadlines for yourself. The keyword here is realistic – which means acknowledging the amount of work that you can get done within a day or week. Both short-term and long-term plans are essential in having a more organized lifestyle.

3. Start Planning

Life has multiple ways to surprise you and throw you off schedule. To stay organized even through the most unpredictable times, you should develop the habit of planning for events in advance. You can do this by having a planner at hand, or simply noting down the dates when important things are due. If you have a big work presentation next week and a close friend’s birthday this weekend, you can use your planner to effectively utilize and divide your time.

Remember to plan for both small things and big things. Adding laundry and cleaning to your list is just as important as your work meeting or a final exam.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Natural Inclinations

When you try to become more organized, it is easy to set unrealistic expectations for yourself. If you try to follow other people’s lifestyles, you might find yourself ignoring your individual inclinations. For instance, if you are most productive during the night, then setting a goal to wake up early in the morning would be quite unrealistic.

To make productivity and organization easy for you, you need to pay attention to your natural inclinations including your own strengths and weaknesses. By cultivating habits that are in line with your strengths, you can have an organized lifestyle without stressing yourself too much.

5. Focus on Consistency, Not Perfection

If you are starting a new diet, you need to be easy on yourself. Having an all-or-nothing attitude can never result in sustainable change in your life. When you are setting goals, remember to consider whether or not you can sustain that lifestyle for the rest of your life. If you keep planning to make major changes in your life overnight, you will never be able to achieve an organized lifestyle.

Your focus should always be on consistency, not a false sense of perfection. Set realistic aims for yourself which allow room for small changes here and there.

6. Create a Balance in your Life

In an attempt to achieve an organized lifestyle ASAP, you can lose the balance in your life. Remember that you are a human being with various needs – including rest, enjoyable food, and socialization. If you start planning all of your days down to the minute, you will naturally forget to include things that can help you relax. Over time, you may find yourself stressed out, demotivated, and lethargic.

To avoid this unfavorable circumstance, it is important to find the right balance with everything in your life. While making sure your work project runs smoothly is important, it is also essential for you to take some time off and relax with your friends. Prioritizing self-care is one of the easiest ways to find the right balance.

7. Learn to Say No.

Being an organized person does not mean that you will magically have time for everything. There will be times when you have too much on your plate to take on another task, and that is okay. To avoid complete burnout, you need to learn to say no.

Amongst the traits of organized people is the ability to prioritize. As you make schedules, deadlines, and plans for yourself, you need to remember to sort everything according to priority. If you think a certain task does not bring you a favorable outcome, saying “no” is completely acceptable. This way, you will know which tasks require your attention and you will be able to prioritize them accordingly.

8. Declutter

If you have too many things on your mind or a messy workplace, it is hard to stay organized. When your surroundings are cluttered, your mind can become cluttered too. To stay organized, you need to make time to declutter your mind, your gadgets, and even your home.

To create more physical space, you can keep your workplace tidy and clean your closet by donating the items you no longer need. Digital space on your gadgets can be created by timely updating your calendar and sorting the items on your computer to only keep the documents that are essential. Most importantly, you can create mental space by reducing your stress levels, taking some time off for yourself, or engaging in yoga or meditation.

9. Track your Progress

As you try to remain consistent with your goals, you might find yourself becoming demotivated. If you feel like you are not achieving enough, you need to take a look back at all the progress that you have made. This will not only help you remain organized but also give you the motivational boost you need to keep going.

10. Try New Things

Staying organized does not mean the same thing for everyone. If you feel like your current plan is not working, then you might need to introduce some change in your life. Just because you are trying to adapt to a more organized lifestyle does not mean that you cannot make time for new activities.

Try seeking a new job, exploring new hobbies, or simply making a few new friends. Such small changes in your life can bring back your ambition to stay steadfast in your pursuit to have an organized life.

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