Secret places on earth that are impossible to visit

If you are an adventurer, there is always that feeling that you want to explore the world and go to places that you have never been to before. You want to meet new people, have a taste of great new food, and learn about other people’s history and many other things. But did you know that there are some parts in the world that no traveler can visit? They are hidden, secret and no one can visit if the person does not have proper clearance. In this article, we are going to cover some of these places.

The white’s gentlemen club in the UK

You probably haven’t heard about this private club and if you have then you know that this London club is the most secretive club in the word. The club is old enough as it was founded in 1693 as a shop for Italian immigrants to the UK and with time it became popular a gentlemen’s club and a gambling site. The club is inherently sexist and no woman can join no matter how rich or influential she is. The club is for the rich gentlemen so if you are poor just forget about joining this prestigious club. The Royal family members if we are not wrong are automatically qualified to join this club. Maybe you might be tempted to visit but with all that elitism, what fun will you have? Probably just fulfilling your spirit of adventure and nothing more.

Area 51 in the United States of America

Area 51 is not secretive literally but if you don’t have the security clearance, my friend doesn’t even think about visiting this place. Many people have been left wondering why the government is too secretive about this place. What do you think is inside this military base in Lincoln County? Some people think there are aliens others think its UFOs whatever is inside those walls no one knows except the military officers inside there. If you even try to intrude you can be sure that you will be forced out by the officers using lethal force. Why would you want to do that anyway? There are more fun and interesting places that you can visit.

North Sentinel Island in India

You have probably seen in movies about how travelers travel the world and sometimes discover a village that no one knew it existed and the people inside the village are so cut out from the rest of the world and it’s like they live in the Stone Age. Well, it is not always in the movies because the residents of this Indian village are exactly like that. The guys are so happy with their lives that the government has decreed that no foreigner should visit the special island. Of course, the government had its reasons like foreigners might spread “new” diseases that might end up killing everybody and the tribe should be left undisturbed. They have survived so far without technology and stuff so they really don’t need the help of intruders. The island itself is no secret coz a lot of people have heard about it. What is secretive is what the hell is inside this island? Well, we will never get the answer to that because no one is permitted inside the island. Respect the rules and don’t even attempt to visit this place.

Snake Island in Brazil

The famous snake island could be one of the most dangerous places to visit in the world if anyone was allowed to visit. As the name suggests the island is full of big and venomous snakes and the bites of any snake from here are capable of killing a person in a matter of hours or even minutes. There is an estimate of a snake in every square meter so you can imagine the number of snakes that can be on the whole island! For the sake of humanity, this place had to be restricted. I don’t understand why anyone would like to visit this place but it doesn’t matter coz for better or worse you can’t visit this place.

Ise grand shrine in Japan

If you are not from the imperial family then forget about visiting this shrine. Whatever lies between the walls of this sacred shrine only members of the sacred dynasty can tell us. Who knows maybe their god is inside the shrine because only the holiest of the holiest can visit this shrine.

Surtsey Island in Iceland

The island just came to be in the 60s and since then the scientists have been studying how the place came to be. This place is only allowed to scientists who can contribute towards achieving the goals of the project. They prefer doing the research alone without human intervention and that’s why this place is forbidden to other people.

Poveglia in Italy

Another island that is off limits to normal travelers like you and me. During the 18thc century, the island was designated for the plague victims where they could die alone and in misery without affecting others. Later in the 19th century, a hospital was opened on Povegilia and all kinds of experiments were conducted here. The doctor performing the experiments died in a shocking manner as he committed suicide claiming that there were ghosts haunting the island. Some people believe that his spirit dwells near the coast of the island and it torments anyone who tries to visit this island. Unfortunately, we will never get to find out whether these claims are true or not because this place is restricted.

Heard Island Australia

You can visit this island in one of the most remote areas in the world but to do so you must have more than enough research reasons too.

Svalbard global seed vault in Norway

This place is impossible to visit because it is restricted to humans. The vault holds precious seeds and people are not allowed there to avoid contamination of the seeds.

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