Home remedy to get rid of pain in your body

Pain makes you really uncomfortable in your life. It doesn’t matter where it pains. Every part of your body can develop pain due to some complications, whether physical or as a result of internal activities of the body. To deal with pain, you can administer painkillers as directed by the medic when you visit one. However, sometimes you may not have time to reach the hospital or reach a medic in any way due to some factors. In this case, you will need to improvise ways that can help you deal with the pain. Some basic home remedies will come in really handy in such situations. Some of the best home remedies for common body pains include;

For toothache

Toothache is one of the most serious pains in the body that you cannot ignore; the best home remedies for this kind of pain are;
Rinse your mouth with salt water- this is very important for a toothache, the salt in the water has a role of disinfecting the decayed part of the tooth an remove all the food particles that might have remained in the cavity.
Use peppermint tea bags-they help in numbing the pain around the tooth gums. Don’t use a hot teabag direct from your tea.
Use garlic-it is used to kill the bacteria in the tooth that are causing the pain, crush your garlic and apply to the cavity.
Use a cold compress- this will help relieve your pain through numbing the area, hold the ice against the gums for a while.

For joint pain

Joint pains are common for people with arthritis, or maybe your joint might have dislocated. Home remedies for this include;
Use hot treatment- this involves taking a hot shower, the heat at the joints will reduce stiffness hence reducing the pain
Cold treatment- this involves putting cold things at the place of pain to numb the pain, you can use ice.
Do exercises-this will help the joint to be more flexible hence reducing the pains, do exercises like running or jogging among others.
Deal with your weight- weight has a huge impact on the joints, if you have excess weight you will need to try to cut it down.

For neck pain

Neck pain is as a result of poor posture when sitting or sleeping. Some of the home remedies for this kind of pain include;
Stretching- these pains are as a result of the weakening of the neck muscles, you can help your muscles stretch by rolling your shoulders back several times or squeezing your shoulders together to help in stretching the neck muscles.
Use ice on the area where there is a pain, this will help you in numbing the pain away
You can also massage the area with a hot towel, make sure you squeeze all the hot water from the towel
Slowly move your neck from side to side to relax the muscles.

For back pain

Back pains are very common currently in the health system of a human being. Here are the home remedies you can use for instant relief
use cold therapy- here you will need to use basically ice which will induce numbness in the area of pain,
Try massage- this will help you relax your muscles hence reducing pain.
Do exercises- they are very important when it comes to reducing back pains, you can try some like; walking on a flat service and cobra pose among others.

For head pain

Headaches are the most common, almost everyone has experienced it, and here are the best home remedies to relieve the pain
Drink water- this is the commonly used remedy for headache, this is because the common cause of headaches is dehydration and so drinking water will help a lot.
Sleep enough- less sleep will automatically cause headaches, for this reason, you will need to sleep averagely for six hours.
Use a cold compress method to curb the pain-this is done by applying anything cold like ice to your head area.

For ear pain

Ear pains are not so common, however, they are very intensive, if you get to this, you can use the following home remedies for relief;
Use a heating electric pad-it should not be too hot; the heat in the ear will help to relieve your pain by reducing your inflammation.
Do a cold treatment- this will involve placing cold ice around your ears, this will help in numbing the pain around your ear. It will take some few minutes for the pain to completely relieve.
Use ear drops-ear drops are made as painkillers to the ear, they help in removing wax from the ear, for that reason you will get relief.

For throat pain

Throat pains are commonly brought about by a common cold or any other infections, to deal with this at home, you will need to use these remedied;
Use honey- this is the most commonly used because of availability, this can be combined with warm water, its natural ingredients will help soothe the sores in the throat.
Use marshmallow root-the root has substances called mucilage which brings about the lubrication effect to the throat so you cannot feel pain while swallowing.
Use salt water- gargle the salt water at the throat, the salt is very important in removing the liquid in the swelling at the throat hence relieving pain.

For stomachache

It is also very common, at least everyone knows the feeling, and the home remedies for this kind of pain are;
Drink a lot of water-sometimes the pain might be caused by digestion problems a result of dehydration, water will help reduce the pain by aiding digestion
Use ginger-ginger is very important because it contains gingerols, a chemical that helps in stomach contractions.
Use mint-this helps in preventing vomiting and reducing the pain.

For heart pain

Heart pains are not so common but they do happen. If you meet such a situation, you can use the following home remedies;
Take hot drinks -one of the causes of heart pain is gasses and blotting a hot drink will help to eliminate the gas.
Use baking soda-the soda makes an alkaline solution which helps to reduce the acid in the stomach that causes the pain in the heart.


To summarize, every kind of a pain in any of the body parts have a way of being regulated just from home, you need to understand how to do this, it will be of benefit just in case you cannot reach the hospital fast enough.

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