6 Ways to win friends and influence people

It is human nature that everyone would want to have the greatest influence on people and having friends too. Influence is power. This is the reason why those people who have many followers are regarded as the most influential. How can you feel if you realized you don’t have anyone to talk to? Or if there is one, they don’t really listen to what you are talking and the worst is that even if they listened, no one can believe you. Now that is what we call, lack of influence. If you have even just two friends, you are influential, it is just that your level is a bit low, but you are doing just fine.
We all lose friends sometimes in life because of some various reasons; the very common one is when people leave school or sometime when you migrate from your place of stay to a very new place. The good news is that even if you lose all your friends there will be people around you always. So what will you do to make new friends and become influential again?

Make them feel important

Who doesn’t want to feel important? Everyone with human nature will really be happy just to realize that they are important before people. Many people want to hear what you are saying about them or what you think about them. It is important that when you talk to people. You should be keen on how they respond and try to understand what they expect to hear from you. Many people who feel like committing suicide they just think that they are not important to anyone. If you want to make new friends and have an influence on people, learn to do small things that will make them feel important. Things like greetings, responding to their greetings and generally showing concern will make them feel valued and important, such people will feel like being around you all the times and that how you will make new friends and have the influence to them too.

Show your sincere appreciation or praise

This is another thing that will help you make friends. Everyone who is human will need to be appreciated for what they do and also be praised though you should not overdo it. It should be done in a very genuine way. People will tent to move more close to where they can be appreciated than where they are ignored. If you want to make friends, learn to appreciate them for anything small they do, and also praise them when they do better. If you do this, more people will draw near to you and there you will have many friends, you will then be influential because influence starts with your friends.

Don’t forget their name

It is really frustrating to realize that the person you just introduced yourself to yesterday has already forgotten your name. There will be a lot of things running in your mind; you will think the person is not interested in you, for that reason; you will draw away from them. It is important to remember the name of a person you just met and they introduced themselves to you. Remembering other people’s names is the first step to build a long lasting relationship. Remembering other people’s names makes them feel special and important. You can be able to influence such people very easily and also make them your friends.

Value their opinions

Feeling like your opinion counts are the very best thing to you, this is very important. If you want to make people your friends and also be able to influence them, you should be able to listen to what they say. Always give people a chance to express what they are feeling, it makes them feel valued, and if you feel they are wrong, you should find a good approach to correcting them. It is not a good idea to tell people they are wrong, find a more appealing way of correcting them. Try to explain to them that their perspective is just a bit different, this will encourage them and strengthen their relationship with you. You will then have many new friends and have an influence too.

Bring yourself on common ground with them

People like someone who they feel is on their level and can understand what they are going through. The familiarization aspect is what gives people confidence in you; this makes them feel that you can be able to help them. The first thing you will have to do is to listen to people. Sometimes maybe all they want is to be able to talk to someone about the problems and by you giving them an ear it will work a lot for you. Another thing is that you should not put yourself on a higher level even if you are better than them in everything. People feel really secure with people who are on the very same level as them. If you observe these things you will be able to influence a lot of people and also make more new friends.

Be interested in them

It is obvious that if someone shows interest in you, you will be freer with them and you will make friendship with them. For you to be able to make friends and also get a lot of influence, you will need to develop an interest in people, they will develop an interest in you too and they will love your opinions. By doing this you will be able to have influence over them. Overall, you should show concern, interest, and care to people near you for you to be able to make friends with them and also influence them. Lastly, you must show that you value and understand what they are going through.

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