20 Tricks that will save your life someday

Life is unpredictable. That is what many people say and I absolutely agree with them, There are things in life you will never see them coming. Accidents, for instance, it is something you cannot control. Basically, everything that is around us is just life-threatening, even just from your own house, your utensils, your cooker, electricity, even water. What I am basically trying to mean here is that you can never tell where a threat may arise from.
Have you ever heard of some causes of death that they just don’t add up? This is the reason why you should know some basic tricks that may save your life someday when you face any danger. This is just in case anything happens, it doesn’t mean that you are going to get into trouble but it is just unpredictable. Here are some tricks you may use when you find yourself in life-threatening situations.

Sending signal

There are very many situations you may find yourself in that may require you to send a signal. Maybe the power is down and you cannot get to your phones, or the network is not working, what then? How can you communicate? You can light a fire and put there some materials that will produce a lot of smoke, it looks like the very traditional one but it works just fine.

Managing a tide

If you are a fan of swimming then this is one of the very important tricks that you will need in life. If you find yourself facing a tide don’t try to swim against it, you need to stay calm and swim along with the current swiftly until it calms down.

Stopping a car when your brake fails

We are running on cars today which have included a lot of technology and sometimes technology fails too. if your brakes fail while you are driving your car, do not try to jump out of the car, you will get yourself killed, all you need to do is to pump your brakes real fast for the pressure in the system to mount, if you are using a hydraulic system, you can as well use your hand brake though it is dangerous it can save you.

When drowning

If you feel like you are drowning while swimming, you should raise up your hand just above the water so that people can see to save you. Do not try to scream because you will drink water forcefully.

When stabbed

In case you have been stabbed accidentally or by an attack, and if the object that was used to stab you is still in your body you should not remove it will cause a big wound. Put pressure at that place and call for emergency services.

When chocking

When a person is chocking and they are coughing do not hit them at the back first, this should only happen when the person is not coughing or breathing.

When in a burning house full of smoke

When you find yourself in this situation you will need to crawl on the floor as you go for the exit, you will not be affected by smoke because the smoke has a less density hence it will be higher and fresh air will be near the ground.

When infected by tear-gas

In the case that you pass by a place where tear gas has been released, you should find water and wash your eyes to get rid of the gas from your eyes.

If you encounter a lion

If you encounter a lion that is roaring and moving towards you, you should not run, it will not attack you if you just walk away slowly, lions just like marking territories, if you get away from them, they will not attack you, however, s you walk away from them you should not get your eyes off it just for safety purposes.

When lost while on a hike

When you have gone for a hike and unfortunately you get lost and you don’t have a map of the area, it is advisable that you start descending because the starting point is always down.

Facing aggressive people at night and you have a torch?

Sometimes at night, you will only need a torch, you can just switch on the torch directly to their face and switch it off again really first, this will cause some kind of darkness and you will have a chance to ran away from them.


When you are being attacked, you will need to scream for help, someone might be passing by and save you, or even the attacker may feel like it’s alarming and run away.

Check the road more than once before crossing

This can really help you, many accidents occurred just as simple as that, you should first check and make sure that there is no coming car before you cross even if the traffic light has turned green.

Do not use both your earphones while crossing a railway line

Rail lines normally don’t have traffic light like the road, this means you will be relying on your eyes and ears if you are playing music in your ears you n might not hear the train coming.

When someone is electrocuted

If someone has been electrocuted, do not try to get them off using your bare hands, you will get electrocuted too, use non-conductor materials to disconnect them from the current.

Do not use your electric iron box while you stand on the floor barefooted

There might be a current that can pass through a dumping floor that might get you electrocuted especially if there is water on the floor.

When walking down the stairs

When you are walking down the stairs you should not put your hands in the pockets, you can be knocked down with a commotion from behind.

Wear sharp jewelry

This is very helpful when you get in a risky situation, you can use the jewelry as wear on or cut something.

When drowning and you don’t know which way to go.

If you find yourself in this situation, just breathe and follow your bubbles.

If you are lost.

If you are lost don’t ask directions from strangers, go for the delivery companies near you and ask.

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