12 Useful travel tips for Greece

This is it! You just booked a ticket to Greece. How to do? Although you have to wait a few days, weeks or months to get there, you can start preparing. Of course, this is not a list, it will tell you how to carry it with you, such as a plug adapter, because the power socket in Greece is powered by 220 AC. No, cultural tours will provide you with useful travel tips that you should know before heading to Greece, because advance warnings are pre-set.

Remember, cash is king

Unlike other European countries, Greece has a lot of cash, so you must have enough money. If not, you can find ATMs, especially in the center of big cities, although this may be a problem on lesser-known islands, many restaurants and institutions do not accept credit cards. However, don’t despair, because most large stores (shopping stores, hypermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants in busy locations) accept credit cards. But try to carry cash with you; if you have any questions, please ask before registering.

Be sure to plan ahead

Unfortunately, Greece is not fully prepared and organized for the disabled. If you are a person with special needs or traveling with someone, be sure to book a room or cabin for the disabled for the hotel and the ferry as early as possible. If you plan to visit some Greek islands, try to stick to “flat” islands, as many facilities are not for the disabled.

Watch out for cigarette smoke

It is estimated that about 50% of Greeks smoke, which is very annoying for non-smokers. Although smoking indoors is banned, it is still common to enter cafes or restaurants where people smoke, although bans are being enforced in many new places. Unfortunately, when it comes to outdoor smoking, there is not much that can be done.

Be vigilant when driving

You should know that the Greeks drive more aggressively, especially in Athens. If you plan to rent a car, please be careful. However, outside the city, the situation is slightly better, but be cautious. Motorcycles will not stay behind you when driving and tend to twist and turn, while other drivers may overtake on the left or right. Therefore, stay vigilant and try to avoid driving in the Greek capital, but on islands and other places, you should be fine.

It’s a taxi-smart

Except for airport rides, taxi fares in Greece are quite cheap. But in this city, you can find a taxi almost anywhere. Once you have marked one, the driver may first determine your destination, and then decide whether it is suitable for him. Although this is unusual in other places, it is very common in Greece. Also, don’t be surprised if the driver stops to take other people away when you enter. Very few drivers do this, but it may happen. If this is the case, please note that you will not share the fare with them.

booked in advance

During peak season, the sooner you book tickets or hotels, the less you will pay. If you are traveling during the busy season (mid-July to the end of August), be aware that the islands and ferries are crowded, as Greeks and tourists are on vacation.

Drink by various means, but behave

Greeks often drink, but you will rarely see them drunk. Therefore, they expect the same as you.

Think about bottled water on the islands

Almost any city in mainland Greece can drink from the tap, but on the island, it is best to stick to bottled water. Most Greek islands do not have enough water, and the water they have is rarely used for sanitation purposes and laundry.

Know business hours

Throughout Greece, shops, department stores and supermarkets are open from 9 AM to 9 PM. (Saturday, most shops close at 8 PM.) For small shops and local shops, the times are as follows: 9 AM-2:30 PM & 5:30-8: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 30 PM. On Monday and Wednesday, they open at 9 AM and close at 3 PM.

Don’t be afraid to ask for WiFi

In Greece, you can get an Internet connection almost anywhere except remote and remote places. Many public places as well as hotels and cafes/bars have WiFi points. If the connection is secure, don’t be afraid to ask for a password; this is very common in Greece. Or, you can buy a prepaid network card at the kiosk.

Don’t rinse toilet paper

Don’t throw paper in the toilet: this sign is ubiquitous in Greek toilets. Please use the trash can. why? simple. The diameter of the sewage pipe in Greece is 50 millimeters. If you flush toilet paper, it is easy to block. Don’t forget that Greece is an ancient civilization. Although sewage pipes are not that old, they cannot support the amount of flushed paper. If you are worried about possible problems, the trash bin will be emptied at the end of each day and usually has a lid.

Go explore outside

Although these islands welcome thousands of tourists in the summer, other destinations, especially those on the mainland, are worth seeing. Even better, they are generally cheaper and less crowded than some top destinations-if you are looking for a truly relaxing holiday or if you have a budget, this is an ideal solution.
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