12 Things happen when you eat bananas every day

There is a great importance of keeping your body healthy, which is the goal of every normal human being. The core thing in keeping your body healthy is by minding your diet, nutrition is like the fuel of the body, it is not just about putting food in the mouth, it is about putting the right food in the mouth and the needed amount. Handling food is quite critical, it needs you to do just enough because it will have consequences when you take more or when you take less too.
When you come to fruits, especially bananas, you will discover that they have very many benefits to your health, some which you even never knew about, I will be taking you through the benefits of eating bananas daily.

blood sugar levels will reduce

There is great importance when you eat bananas which are helping in the regulation of blood sugars. The fruits contain in fibers called pectin when ripe and also some kind of resistant starch when they are still not ripe, these two substances help in reducing the blood sugar levels will help you reduce the level of blood sugar if you eat bananas every day after meals. Bananas have a high amount of potassium too which helps in regulating blood sugar.

You will lose weight

Weight loss is an issue these days, many people are getting obese because of lack of exercise and also wrong choice if food. Whether you are in this situation or not, bananas will help you either to prevent gaining too much weight and if you already have the excess weight it will aid you in losing the weight. Bananas have very few calories which will help you in filling up your belly and as a result, they will reduce your consumption of other foods and then you will cut your weight.

It fights anemia

Anemia arises as a result of fewer red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood. Bananas contain a lot of iron which they give to the body after eating them. Iron is a very important component of hemoglobin which is found in the red blood cells. If there will be more iron in the blood, it means there will be more formation of red blood cells hence fighting anemia. This will only work if you eat bananas daily.

It will regulate blood pressure

Bananas are greatly rich in potassium which is a very important mineral in the body. Potassium plays a role in the body by regulating the heartbeat and as a result, it regulates the blood pressure. Potassium also helps a lot when it comes to the activity of the brains. It keeps the brain always active. This will be effective if you eat the bananas on a daily basis. The sodium also is contained in the bananas too are responsible for lowering the blood sugar in the body.

A lot of nutrients will keep your body healthy

A banana is a fruit which has a lot of nutrients than any other fruit. Some of the nutrients in the banana are; potassium, calcium, iron magnesium among others, these nutrients have functions on different parts of the body, for this reason, the health of your body will increase due to the increased amount of these nutrients and for that reason, you should take bananas regularly. The vitamins such as vitamins C will help in protecting the body cells against damage and helps in the absorption of irons too.

Bananas will help you indigestion

The first this is that bananas have fibers, the fibers will help you to get full for a longer time so you won’t feel like eating after a long time, this will give your digestive system enough time to digest the food easily hence your health will improve. Another thing is that there is a sour taste which is a feeling when you eat a banana; the taste is responsible for stimulating digestive juices which will help in the digestion process. The bananas also help you in preventing constipation and heartburns. Finally, they are important in preventing stomach ulcers.

Fights heart diseases

The fibers contained in the bananas are very essential to the health of the heart. The scientists suggest that the fibers can help dealing with heart diseases.

It will help in protecting your skin

There is very great importance in eating bananas daily; one of them is that they help in protecting your skin. Bananas contain manganese, a mineral which is responsible for making collagen. This is very important in nourishing and protecting your skin against damage.

Gives your body energy

Bananas are rich in sugars which include glucose, fructose, and sucrose which are the main energy giving components, this means, the more you take bananas, the more energy you gain. This is why it is advisable that you take bananas on a daily basis.

It is a source of vitamins C

There is a very big importance of vitamins C in the body which is sourced from the bananas. Vitamins C helps in protecting the body against the damage of the cells and tissues and also support the brain functioning. Also, the vitamins produce collagen which is responsible for holding the skin and the body together and the whole body too.

Purifies the liver and the kidney

This is a very important function of bananas; they are rich in a vitamin called B6 this specific kind of vitamins helps in removing the chemicals which are harmful to the liver and kidneys.

Keeps the brain healthy

Bananas are very important because they stimulate the production of a hormone called serotonin which is very important in determining the sleep cycle, the moods and also deals with stress and pain relieving.

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