12 Extremely Attractive Things Men Do Without Realizing It

Have you ever noticed how men do certain things unconsciously that just drive women insane? Well, maybe they do realize what they are doing but choose to ignore it. Whatever it is, it is surely working. These small, unconscious habits are enough to make any woman drool over the man. Here are 12 extremely attractive things that men do without even realizing it:

1. Lingering Scent

Men have this specific scent that is extremely attractive for women. The subtle but obvious scent of their cologne is enough to make any woman fall in love – especially if it isn’t too overpowering. If you have ever borrowed a piece of clothing from a guy, you would know that this scent is all over their clothing which just makes you want to live in their clothes forever. It does make us wonder, though, why don’t women have such attractive perfumes for themselves?

2. Rolled Up Sleeves

Although this might sound weird, it is a known fact that women are attracted to men who roll their sleeves up. This works especially well if the man is wearing a button-up shirt, and then suddenly decides to roll up the sleeves to his elbows. Women are unsure what makes this unconscious habit so attractive, but maybe it gives the man a rugged and masculine look that makes them 10x more attractive. It is an even bigger attraction if the man has buffed forearms or visible veins – that is enough to drive a woman insane in seconds.

3. Offering Kindness to Strangers

If you ever look at a woman smiling at a man who is being nice to a stranger, just know that she is attracted to him. There is something about small acts of kindness that is just extremely attractive for women. This could be something as small as tipping a waiter or just passing a friendly compliment to a stranger. For women, acts of kindness are a clear indication of a guy who cares about other people and is not afraid to express his feelings. Subconsciously, it might also represent how the man acts in a relationship.

4. Being Playful with Kids

If you look at this from an evolutionary perspective, then women are attracted to men who are good with kids because it indicates that they would be a good father. But even for women who are not looking for a serious relationship, watching a man happily engage with kids is definitely attractive. This does not mean always having kids around, but simply being nice to a kid when they come up to him or being close to the children in his family.

5. The Occasional Glance

When you are talking to a man, it is incredibly attractive of them to maintain constant eye contact. It makes women feel like they are being heard, and that this conversation is important to the man. During conversations, men have a habit to occasionally glance at the woman’s lips while she is talking. While this may or may not be an indication that they want to kiss you, either way, it is an incredibly attractive habit that also doubles as a turn-on for most women.

6. Licking their Lips

Although this might sound odd to you, it is no lie that men often have the habit to lick their lips gently. This happens whilst they are talking about something important, in the middle of their sentence. With this brief pause, they give women a moment to stare at them and linger on their words before they continue talking. If there is any sexual attraction between a man and a woman, this unconscious habit can definitely make the man more attractive.

7. Speaking with Passion

When men are passionate about something, women are automatically attracted to them. Maybe this is because women appreciate being with men who have an ambition of their own, or maybe it is simply about the way men talk about their passions. If you have ever seen a man talk about his hobby, you will notice all of his charismatic and ambitious qualities. The words they choose and the body language they have is just too sexy to ignore.

8. Displaying Full Concentration

Women love getting attention, right? Well, that might not be true in some cases. Women find it very attractive when men are fully focused on a certain task or are trying to figure something out with full concentration. Maybe it is the serious look on their face when they are concentrated that makes it so attractive, or maybe it is just the passion that comes along with it. Even though women are not the center of attention in this scenario, they still find this habit extremely attractive.

9. Wearing a Suit

This may come off as an obvious one, but women are attracted to men who are well-dressed. Button-down shirts and dress pants are simply the epitomai of attraction for women. When a man looks put-together, women are more attracted to their charismatic appeal. Additional points for men who opt for darker colored suits, such as shades of grey or black, which instantly make them look more attractive. Wearing a suit makes a man look confident and sophisticated – two qualities that every woman is instantly attracted to. If you walk into a room wearing a tailored suit, you can easily get the attention of every woman there.

10. Saying Your Name

Have you ever noticed how men unexpectedly take your name in the middle of a sentence? For women, there is nothing that is more attractive than having their name called out in a serious tone. This clearly indicates when a man is being serious or trying to get the woman’s attention – which is something that all women like.

11. Unconscious Touching

Brushing their hand against yours or casually resting their hand on your thigh whilst driving is the kind of unconscious touching that makes women go crazy over men. Whether the touch is for reassurance or for attention, it definitely serves as a turn-on for women who know that their love language is touch. Men have a certain way of touching women unconsciously – with their firm yet soft hands.

12. Specific Compliments

Women don’t expect men to remember too many details. It is a proven fact that men are better at remembering bigger bits of information than the minute details, and women have just accepted that. When a man gives a woman a compliment about something specific – like a new haircut or a change in nail color – women are instantly attracted to attention to detail.

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