10 weird things girls find attractive in guys

Have you ever written a list of thing you would want from a guy? How crazy did it go? Because I know it went really crazy. Okay let’s forget a little bit about love and just talk about attraction, you know the rules am sure, for the first impression, all attractive things are purely physical, that’s all you see anyway, then slow by slow as you start interacting, other attractions come in like, intelligence, kindness, sense of humor among others. However there are some things that women find attractive in guys that are so wired, guys head up! We are just about to explore weirdness at its best. Okay, men, what things do you do to become attractive? You know what? You might just have been seeing it the wrong way because sometimes women just find attraction in those things you keep pushing away, here are some of the weirdest things that women find in men. You won’t believe these things, guys!

Having scars

Like serious scars! , why in the world would you fall for a man because of scars, sounds crazy right? Okay, women have a thing with bad boys, most of them will find scars sexy, the world wants you to sit there and tell them stories about each scar. So men why should you hide your scars with caps and long sleeves? That is just the point that might attract that cute lady over there to you. Gotten it? Well, I still don’t get it but that’s it. And oh! I forgot to tell you, we aren’t talking about some scary scars here, well; this is a reality that sounds more like a movie. Scars! Really wired, but these are women we talking about here, forget about understanding them and just believe them.


Are you ladies kidding me! I think I should quit my gym classes right away, it’s true that most women will just feel a little bit insecure with a guy who is too much muscled, again men please don’t try to understand women, just believe them, they never go wrong with what they believe in. but seriously, this is so wired so to say. Well, it is believed that all fat men are funny and that’s how they match all the way to the top of the attraction list. So you mean this ‘being fit is being attractive’ is a just a movie thing? Well, women are different some will like the fit and others the fat, but this was really wired.


Men generally aren’t just made to blush, basic laws of masculinity. Blushing is seen by men as a weakness. Men always do all they can to avoid blushing when they talk to women, but they just get it wrong, actually women like men who blush, Funny right? No, this is past being funny, this is wired! So you got it men, a little cute blush, can be so attractive to women.

Being a geek

So what about us who are prince charming, funny and cheeky, running up and down every time? well it is a fact that women have a special kind of obsession with geeky men, they might seem unfriendly and real introverts but that is just what blows out some women. The obsession of these geeks with their fields of expertise is another very thing that is believed makes them attractive. Wired right? That’s just what I thought.

Hands with protruding veins

The explanation given by women for falling for this type of thing is that men with veins on their hands are strong and very protective. Well, is this some kind of a cover-up story or is it real? Because it is just wired! Do men just overthink or what? No one ever thinks this can be attractive; in fact, a lot of men think this kind of thing can work against them. Well, now you know just how crazy an attraction list can go for women.

Men who wear t-shirts printed letter T

Really! How in the world is this even related to a real human being! It’s cloth! Well, I don’t even know if it is a T-shirt itself or the letter T that is the point of attraction, but women can be so drawn to this; they believe that such cloth brings out the best out of men. Whatsoever, this is still wired to me, but it is a fact.

Men who play hard to get

As a man, the deal can sound too good when this cute lady comes your way, you will probably forget whatever you are doing and all of a sudden turn to them. Women get attracted to men who play hard to get, well this can be dangerous, you don’t probably want to risk losing out the chance, but if you give in just on the first day it will push away that lady. Try ignoring the signs women give you, not forever of course but that is very attractive to them, so wired!

Sleepy voice

Okay, I think we are losing it! The sleepy voice again! Well, women believe this voice is so calm and emotion-free, they really get attracted to that, but that is so wired.

Wearing red

Yes red is a romantic color, but being a thing to attract is what I don’t really understand, should a color attract you to someone? Well, it sounds wired but it attracts women a lot. The perception is that red color makes men feel self-confident.

Men who owning dogs

It is so funny that women can get attracted to you just because you own a dog, like seriously how can that even help a man to look attractive, but somehow women find it attractive. That is so wired!

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