10 Ways Of Bringing Cats And Dogs Together

For centuries or since time immemorial the cat and the dog have always been domesticated animals. The cat has always enjoyed the comforts that come with being an indoor animal sometimes even having a whole couch reserved for them. On the other hand, the dog has always kept to the outside world taking the primary role of being the security provider.
But this narrative has changed over the centuries has in the modern-day people own dogs and take care of them as though they were their own kids. The dog now enjoys being an indoor animal. Having regular shampoo clean-ups and getting its nail done from time to time. Dogs and cats largely in Africa and other parts of the world were solely for security and companion in the kitchen respectively. But this trend has a lot of changed and people are adopting different uses of animals.
There has been endless debate as to whether the dog or the cat is more intelligent than the other. The other never-ending debate is whether the two animals are mortal enemies. Cats are generally cool and distant enjoying their own space while the dog is largely territorial.
It is, however, true that the dog and the cat at most times don’t see eye to eye. But it is quite important to note that when the dog and the cat are raised in friendly surroundings the two will be the greatest buddies ever.
Below are the 10 ways in which the cat and the dog can be brought together.

1. Give your dog proper exercise

Dogs are generally energetic animals and therefore they should be given proper exercise to shed off the energy. This act of exercising makes them lose energy so that their brain activity slows down and they will be able to have a controlled behavior with the cats.
You can hire a dog walker to help you with this activity in case you don’t have enough time for it.

2. Provide prior exercise for familiarization before actual meet up

Battles often happen when a new dog and a cat meet. This is because the two are not familiar with each other. In order to reduce the gruesome and ugly first meet up, you should ensure that you do a familiarity exercise. This will reduce the curiosity and anxiety.
In order to do this, you might want to let them familiarize themselves with each other’s beddings. They can do this by sniffing the beddings.

3. The first dog and cat meet up should be carefully planned

The first impression matters just as with people. This should be carefully planned to avoid any dangers. You can do this through food since both animals have a high affinity for food. During feeding time, you can put the food in separate rooms with a transparent sheet separating the rooms. They will be able to associate the smell of food with the new smell and with time it will be ingrained in their brains. You can do this for several days or even weeks while keeping an observation.
During the final time, you can then let them feed in one room. During this time the dog and the cat will be busy feeding while ignoring each other because there would not be a new smell. You can keep the dog on a leash until you are sure of the safety of the cat.

4. Provide the cat its own space before meet up with the dog

Cats love a space that is protected that is just their own. You can limit the dog’s visitation to this place when you finally bring it. This will help the cat will learn to go about its business in the common rooms or places without any trouble from the dog.

5. Take into account the personality of the dog and the cat

Some dog breeds and cat breeds cannot tolerate each other. This should be taken into account. Some dogs are aggressive and it would be hard for them to be compatible in a house with a calm cat. If the two animals do not have any personality that matches then consider having a backup idea. You can keep them separated for a long time until the situation changes.

6. Keep the food and the feeding bowls separate

The other exercise to undertake is that of keeping their feeding bowls and food separate. Disastrous activities might happen during feeding time. You should prevent this by having the dog and the cat has their food at a regular time. You can also keep the cats feeding bowls at a higher level as most dogs tend to be jumpy after they are full.

7. Raise a dog and a cat together

You can also consider the act of making the dog and the cat socialize at a young age. Puppies are easily trainable and they will get along well with the cat. In fact, this is the most effective activity of bringing the cat and the dog together.
You can keep monitoring the activities and change in behavior of the two animals. When grown the cat and the dog raised this way tend to become best friends.

8. Have a proper train for your dog

Teaching the dog impulse control will prove successful when it will be time for a cat meet up. You can also learn to use the dog leash during the first meet up to ensure nothing awful happens.

9. Trim the cat’s claws

Cats generally have sharp and long claws. If the cat feels intimated by the dog it will fight back and injure the dog.
It is therefore important therefore to trim them to cut out on any possible injury especially in the early stages of the meetup. With time when they are familiar with each other, it will no longer be necessary to trim them.

10. Don’t force them to get along with each other

In as much as you wish for a quick way for the two animals to get along well, it is important not to force it as animals cannot do fake affection. It is your responsibility to create a harmonious and friendly surrounding until they get along. With time they will accommodate each other without forcing and they genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

If you follow these ways you will not believe how effective they are. All the best as you bring your pets together.

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