10 things all women want but never admit

If you have interacted with women for some time, whether in just a relationship or marriage, you must have realized that women are just the best creatures when it comes to self-expression than actually, men can do. Women would directly express how they feel without even giving it a second thought and that is just their nature. However, we are just human beings; this means we can’t be perfect even if we wanted to. There are some exceptional things that women just find it hard to express to their partners however much they might want to. The most difficult part here is that women expect such things to happen even if they don’t admit it. As men, it can be very difficult to understand women in this situation unless you are some kind of a supernatural being who can read their minds, but worry no more because am going to help you with that. Here are very important things you should note as men because this is exactly what your woman wants, it’s just that she isn’t admitting it.

Stop talking to your ex-lover

It is fine, you just explained to your woman that you moved on and now you have nothing to do with your ex anymore, but that doesn’t mean that she becomes your enemy, you are just friends. This gives no reason for your woman to complain about it. However, women really find it so frustrating when they see their man talking to their ex-lovers, it really burns them from inside but they never say anything about it, they will pretend to be happy and supportive but deep down their blood is boiling with anger. This is one thing your lover will probably not tell you but they will want you to just stop talking to your ex. Men keep your eyes open!

Give them a surprise

If you have never noticed, women really like surprises, they really want to get things they never expect abruptly, you just never know how they get jealous of their friends who get surprised every time. The worst thing about this is that they will never tell you, how now? If they did tell you it will not be a surprise anymore, so they stay there waiting for that day, hoping it comes. It doesn’t mean that it should be something expensive, the important thing here is the surprise itself. That is something all men should know, your woman is expecting a surprise if you never do that.

Make commitments

The thing that men fear the most when they get first in a relationship is to rush into committing themselves, all they think is what if it goes wayward? Or what if she is not the girl I wanted? On the contrary, women are very keen about making commitments; they will always want you to define your relationship. The question that goes through their minds is like, when is he going to propose? However, women can never ask you when you are going to propose to them but deep down they really want it. Though they can use all signs to communicate they just cannot admit it.

Give them attention

Try taking a walk with your woman and make an observation, they will never allow you to drift your attention to anyone else. It can be very frustrating to them if you spent much time talking to other women when they are around, if you do so, they will try to look for all excuses to get you out of that place. But however much they feel that way, they just can’t admit it that they want all the attention, they will always tell that you are free to mingle but inside they are hurting.

They want to be appreciated

Appreciation is a very good thing for the heart, anything small you do, you will always want to be appreciated, men might not have a very big problem with this but women are extremely sensitive. They always want to be appreciated though they just never admit it. Everything small they do they will always hang around to wait for that appreciation. They will want you to notice everything they do; if you don’t appreciate for sure they will be very unhappy though they will never tell that. Women will really never admit that they needed appreciation in everything they did but if you don’t, they hurt deep down.


Well, this is very crucial; most women will not tell you they want sex even if they are badly horny. They might want it so bad but they just try to keep their emotions contained, the only thing they can do is give sings and if as a man you can’t read the sign, they will eventually give up but very frustrated inside. If you just asked your woman if you can have sex, they will definitely tell you it is not possible, but just try kissing her, my brother, you will see the very best response ever. See? She wants it, but she just can’t admit it.

Show your emotions

Being soft is romantic, so they say, however a lot of women have a problem with being too soft as their partner, they love to see you show your real colors when you are angry, but how can they tell you that? A lot of men fear that they might blow up the relationship if they get mad and so they just keep saying it’s fine when it’s not. Women get frustrated when you stay that soft, but you know what? They just can’t admit it. You being real is all your woman want in you

A break

Sometimes things can be quite rough for women but they just try holding everything together, maybe sometimes they just need a break and be alone, however, they never admit this, they keep things covered.

Be proud of them

A lot of people in a relationship just aren’t proud of their partners, this situation really sucks for women, all they want is for you to be proud of them, walk around with them and tell everyone that you are in a relationship, however much they want this ,they just can’t admit it.


It is very rare to see a woman asking for help every time, but they experience downs too and as a human being you will always want help at some point, be it paying bills, or other personal things its help they need, however, they will never admit this.

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