10 Most Expensive Horses

Equestrian is among the most lucrative and competitive sport all over the world. It consists of many activities such as rodeo, horseback riding, show jumping, and most important horses can make you a lot of money. Not only through sports that horses can make you a lot of cash, but also through horse breeding which has proved to be also a potentially lucrative money-making business. Equestrian is indeed one of the most luxurious sports in the world and has fans from high-status individuals such as billionaires and members of the royal families. Below is a list of the most expensive horses ever where some of them were very successful and were worth the price, while others did not perform to their expectations.


The horse is now owned by the United Arab Emirates Vice President and had been bought in the year 2006 by Godolphin Racing. Unfortunately, Plavius failed terribly and proved to be one of the flopped investment ever. Up to date, the nine-year-old horse has had 18 starts, 2 wins, 3places and 2 shows in its career record and has made a total of $41,572 only. In its last outing, the horse finished in the 13th position.


This is a thorough American bred horse and was born in Kentucky back in 2004 and later sold to Godolphin Racing again. Although not a very bad investment like Pavius which had been purchased the same year also, the horse made its highly anticipated racing debut at the age of two and finished at a disappointing sixth position. However, Jalil did have some wins later before retiring in 2008 from racing. Some of the major achievements under the horse name are its win in the Maktoum Challenge and was also able to end its career with total earnings amounting to $327,324.


Snaafi dancer was one time regarded as the most highly priced horse ever. The horse reached these figures when Aston Upthorpe Stud, a horse breeding company that is owned by the Emir of Dubai decided to spend $10.2 million on him. Their line of thought was that since the horse was a descendant of the Northern Dancer lineage, one of the most exceptional stud horse till today, then Snaafi dancer would be a successful racehorse, and later become a breeding horse after its retirement. Unfortunately, Snaafi dancer never participated in any race and was very lazy and slow. Moreover, when the horse retired, it was found out that he suffered from fertility problems and thus couldn’t breed as well.


Meydan City is yet another horse purchased by the Emir of Dubai at an auction back in 2006 at $11.7 million. The horse also proved as another failed investment for the Emir of Dubai and also for the horse racing fans. The horse hasn’t yet been able to win any race during its last seven times and has only made $1,360 it its career.


Seattle Dancer, unfortunately, passed away, was indeed an Irish Stallion that was able to break the record of the most expensive horse auctioned between the age of one and two years old. The factor behind this auction was that it was a member of British medal-winning horse Nijinsky’s lineage, and so much was expected from the horse. Seattle Dancer won two races in its career but it was more profitable as a breeding horse. After quitting racing in 1988, Seattle Dancer later went on and produced 37 different horses that won a lot of races. Unfortunately, the horse passed away in 2007 from a heart attack, earning up to $181,808 in its racing career.


Palloubet d’ Halong remains to be one of the most expensive shows jumping horses ever auctioned. The horse is considered to be one of the most talented show jumping breeds and had a lot of great achievements with Janika Sprunger. Palloubet d’ Halong was auctioned at the age of ten, to Jan tops, who is a show jumping Olympic gold medalist for $15 million.


The horse still holds the records of one of the most expensive horse ever sold at an auction, and it’s indeed a descendant of the legendary Northern Dancer. However, the horse failed terribly in its racing career, competing only in three races and disappointed its fans after finishing third in a race that he was the most favorite to win. The horse only earned a little amount of $10,440, and currently lives in Florida for a $5000 fee.


Totilas still lives to be one of the most high priced Dressage horse ever auctioned. Recently, it’s still one of the most proficient Dressage horses all over the world. The horse has broken and held countless records for gathering a lot of points in various competitions, and one of its major achievements is having the highest score in the Grand Prix Freestyle Dressage competition. Totilas and his rider Edward Gal were once considered as rockstars in the world of horses.


Shareef Dancer was a racehorse that had satisfactory performances in its five starting races, recording a 3-1-0 record that amounted to $246, 463 earnings. Due to its success in the racing career, the horse was later purchased by the Emir of Dubai for a whopping $40 million in 1983. The horse comes from the Northern Dancer family and was very profitable as a breeding horse whose young ones combined winnings grossed over $2 million. It was also the damsire of the award-winning horse known as Dubai Millennium.


Fusaichi Pegasus remains to be one of the most expensive racing horse ever sold. The horse still holds a modest record with nine starts, two losses, and six wins. The horse was able to win $1,994,400 in its racing career. Fusaichi Pegasus later retired from racing and became one of the most special searched horses for breeding since the Shareef Dancer.

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