10 Most Dangerous Cat Breeds In The World

The cat which is a domesticated animal is a small-bodied mammal. Cats can be domesticated but there are other cat breeds that choose to be wild, living in the wild and avoiding direct contact with humans.
There is a great part of the population that enjoys owning cats. Cats are often found in many homes and they are simply beautiful pets to have in your home. Cats most times keep old women or even the young children company. The kids like playing with them hence being an integral part of a child’s growth.
Its scientific name is Felis catus. Although the cat is a friendly and calm animal or pet, it can actually be the most dangerous small animal. The cat, when provoked, will turn ferocious and could cause you serious injuries that may prove fatal. You might be having very vivid and fond memories of you playing with cats while young but did you really know that they are that dangerous? It is for this reason that we are going to sample out the ten most dangerous cat breeds in the world so that you will make informed decisions next time you want to acquire one.
Below is the list of the ten most dangerous cat breeds in the world. I hope that it will be helpful to you.

1. Canada lynx

The Canada lynx scientifically called the Lynx Canadensis is a cat that takes after a large domestic cat. The most striking thing about this cat is the patch of black on its ears and tail end. Its fur changes in summer and winter being greyish and thick during winter and shorter and brownish during summer. The other feature of this cat is the disc-shaped feet that help it during winter to move through the snow. They also fight their predators and also hunt for their prey by the possession of razor-shaped claws.
All their hunting is mostly done at night with the help of the superior eyesight and the sharp hearing ability. This cat is exclusively a wild cat and it is a very dangerous cat.

2. Savannahs

Savannahs are the most superior hybrids of the cross between a domesticated cat and a serval. It is a very energetic cat that enjoys to skillfully play with cats and other times with humans. Savannahs are always very intelligent and adventurous always in their own world exploring. Its tail is usually thick and short.
Savannah is very friendly with kids and dogs. It is an entertaining cat though it can be very destructive.

3. Bengals

Bengals are the cat breed that was a result of a cross between the Asian leopard cats and domestic cats. It has beautiful and skin spotting a lot of colors. It also has short hair around its body. The Bengal is a very wild, frisky and full of curiosity. Its adventures are mostly the bird-watching activity and it’s high affinity to fishing.
The striking feature about this cat is skin color. They come in varied colors. Its coat always has a shimmering luster that looks like it has been glitter sprinkled. Spraying their pee is how they mark their territory.
Although it is a domestic animal it can quite be dangerous.

4. Bobcats

Bobcats are mostly of North American descent. Their coats are usually short and brownish.
The bands on its tail are black.
They are extremely aggressive with the ability to kill even an adult. Their unpredictability and mood changes are a major concern while interacting with them. This cat is a great hunter and is fond of climbing trees to hide from predators and also to hunt for birds.
When you have kids in your house always keep an eye on this cat.

5. Pixie-bobs

Pixie-bobs are the offspring of the Bobcats. Its characteristic is the friendliness with family, kids, and friends. They are quite heavy and can weigh up to 12 pounds. These cats are not hyperactive and enjoy spending time with their owners. Their coat can either be short or long haired and with a thick coat.
They might also possess extra toes due to their mutation.

6. Caracals

These cats are heavily built and they possess long legs and their teeth are usually elongated. It has black ears with white dotting around it. It has also a distinctive feature in that it doesn’t have any patches on its coat.
They are very secretive as they are rarely seen. Their uniqueness lies in its ability to jump into there and kill several birds at once.
Grown caracals are usually big.

7. Ocicat

These cats are high-risk cats on their owners as they have a high maintenance value pegged on them. They possess magnificent spots on their coats. It has the beauty of the wild cat but it is entirely a domestic cat. It is very active and also has a lot of athletic nature.
They can be ferocious and can attack humans when provoked. They are usually kept in secluded areas.

8. Servals

Their unique characteristic of the cat family is the elongated body and large ears. They are nocturnal and are among the most superior hunters of the cat family. Their claws are always protruding while at playmaking them dangerous.
Their other characteristic is that they are very bossy and they command to be handled with care.

9. Chausie cats

This cat is a big cat and it weighs extremely big and can weigh up to 28 pounds. It is very long with a tiger look-alike. Their coat fur is short and it doesn’t shine. In long sun exposure of sun rays, their coats have been seen to change.
It has a high hunting behavior and it is also a very playful cat. They are extremely social and should be kept away from children or toddlers.

10. Geoffroy’s cat

They are usually small bodied with the females weighing less than the males. They are mostly nocturnal cats and they hunt mostly in darkness. They are extremely hostile to strangers as they do not bond with more people at ago. Their claws are usually sharp and they are nervous cats posing as more dangerous.


Despite the cool status of owning a cat, there are other responsibilities that come with it. It is therefore important to know the breed of a cat you want to own and the characteristics it possesses to avert any dangers.
Although many cat breeds have been crossed or domesticated there are some characteristics that don’t fade out, you should always be on the watch out.
Cats are beautiful animals town as they keep your home lovely and more friendly.

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