10 cute animals that can kill you

You see some animals and all you want to do is cozy up to them and hold them like they’re yours, but these animals could literally kill you! Animals come with beautiful fur coats and colors, nice shapes and cute sizes; this is all well and good until they send an individual straight to the ER.
The Animal kingdom is majestic and filled with all forms of beasts and beauty, naturally, as humans we tend to take quick interest in anything that looks adorable or cute, makes us want to warm up to it and perhaps even keep it as ours.
Listed below are 10 cute animals that can kill you and, you definitely do not want to get fuzzy with. These animals are as fierce and vicious as they get. This is just simply a way to educate yourself on some of these animals and what they can do to you.

Yes, the domestic cat! All cuddly, warm and fuzzy; you even see them in YouTube videos and you scream about getting one as cute. Perhaps the most surprising of the 10 cute animals that can kill you, Kittens can be very dangerous for pregnant ladies as they tend to transmit an organism referred to as Toxoplasma gondii
Toxoplasma gondii causes the disease toxoplasmosis and while it is not as deadly in cats, it is easily transmitted to humans and Toxoplasmosis is dangerous for both the Woman and the unborn child.
If you see a Cat close to any Pregnant woman, you should be concerned and try to educate them on this; the best option would be to keep the cat away completely.


The puffer fish is colorful and good looking; adorable to look at and you might even be tempted to pick one up.
You definitely should not play around with a Pufferfish if you come across any as they are known to be covered with tiny little spines that inject tetrodotoxins straight into the body. A dose of this toxin is lethal enough to kill a human being.
Find any Pufferfish around? Steer very clear!


These are a well-known species of Animal, everyone has heard of them; perhaps you have even seen a TV show about Pandas. Pandas are so cute and adorable that they have come to be known as a symbol of peace around the world.
In all of its cuteness and feigned innocence, you definitely do not want to cross a panda, perhaps appear as a form of danger or cross its territory. A panda is big enough to seriously hurt you.
If you come across a Panda, be sure to give a friendly smile and try not to cross it.


These animals do not even have teeth! And judging by their name one would already conclude they can bring no harm right?!
Anteaters are a dangerous group of animals as they possess sharp claws that can be used in self-defense.
These sharp claws can be used to seriously harm you if you cross them, you should be wary of any anteater you come across lest you find a way to get it angry.

Poison Dart Frog

Even from the name, one can deduce that this animal is covered in poison, although they may look all colorful like the regular frog that you can just pick up and play with; but if you come across any poison dart frog you should steer very clear of holding one
They may be colorful and attractive, but that is just a way to lure their prey. Stay clear unless you want to be prey as well.

Slow Loris

Oh! Have you seen a slow Lloris? They look absolutely cute, big baby eyes and adorable look. You definitely would come across one and get fuzzy as soon as possible. You might even be looking to get one for yourself to hold all day long or keep as a pet.
But the slow Lloris is as dangerous as they get; with toxins on their elbow that could absolutely kill you when mixed with saliva, You best believe you do not want to mess with a slow Lloris.
When their toxins are mixed with saliva, they become dangerous enough to cause anaphylactic shock and kill a human. If you come across a slow Lloris today, best be careful of how you approach it.


Yes, these guys are pretty common like the panda, they even have their own nickname called “Thrash pandas”
You probably have heard the term Raccoon so many times that it has begun to sound very harmless; you see them in cartoons and movies and think oh! I know this one.
But this animal in all of its popularity and cuteness can kill you; Raccoons are known to be carriers of the Rabies Virus and will easily transmit them to you.
If you come across a Raccoon, be sure not to provoke it or get a scratch or even come in contact with its bodily fluids as this can be dangerous.


Rather intelligent creatures and even cute at that, wow double jackpot! These animals have a cute nose and can be very agile; observing a dolphin swim in all its majesty can be a pretty fun experience too.
Dolphins have been known to attack humans and you definitely do not want to steer too close or even provoke one.


mice can appear rather cute, with tiny eyes and cute bodies, you might even be looking to keep one of those sometime; but you should not, they are known to carry a disease virus known as Hantavirus which is passed in their droppings to humans and can absolutely cause death.


Big, looks rather docile and harmless; makes you think you could even give a pat or touch them.
Well, you guessed right, these animals are known to be aggressive towards humans and wish sharp tusks and powerful feet, you don’t want to mess with one.

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