10 Cancer causing foods you have to stop eating

Cancer has become one of the most feared diseases in the world, currently, there have been many attempts to know exactly what treatment can be administered, and all the research shows that cancer can be controlled; it can also be treated at very early stages. Cancer is a chronic disease, which means is ongoing; it is not a onetime disease hence it needs close attention. But what causes cancer really? There are very many possible causes of cancer; the most common thing is that it is caused by anything that contains carcinogens. We can focus now on food as one of the causes of cancer; foods that contain carcinogens will always be a cause of cancer. These are called carcinogenic foods, you might be wondering about this I know, but you don’t need to worry anymore because I will be taking you through the most common foods that contain a high level of carcinogens. These include;

Processed meat

There are very many types of foods which contain processed meat, these foods may include sausages, bacon among others, these foods are believed to raise the risk of getting cancer by more than 60%, and this is a very high risk. However, this is as a result of the accumulation of carcinogen over a long period of time, it is not something that happens just after you have consumed the foods. It is advisable that you avoid regular consumption of such foods and use alternatives, for instance, instead of consuming this processed meat, you can check out meat that does not contain synthetic nitrates.

Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils contain the type of fats called, ‘trans fats’, these are the fats that are responsible for causing cancer and other diseases which includes, heart disease among others. Even the tiniest amount of ‘trans fats’ can still cause cancer hence there is no limit to that, they just need to be avoided. Hydrogenated oils are commonly used in homes for cooking and also for making fast foods. However these oils can be avoided, there are alternatives like olive oil, coconut oil, and red palm oil, these are more safe alternatives.

Refined sugar

Refined sugar plays a very big role in the growth of cancer cells, these sugars raise the levels of insulin in the body and as a result, this promotes the growth of cancer cells. Refined sugars contain a high level of fructose corn which is also found in other sweet things, this fructose corn provides a conducive environment for the growth of cancer cells because these cells can grow really fast when sugar is available. The only alternative for processed sugar is fermented organic sugar.

Genetically-modified Organisms

Famously known as the GMOs, genetically modified organisms produce is brought about by the medication done in agricultural plants which in turn produce food that has the chemicals used. The GMO plants are made in such a way that they can resist chemicals administered in high doses, this is what causes cancer, the chemicals contain high levels of carcinogens. The produce that contains GMO can be hard to eliminate since they are already in the market. However, there is always an alternative; you can look out for foods that are not GMO which are planted without chemicals, only with organic inputs.

Microwave popcorn

Why microwave popcorn? Well, this popcorn has a substance called “perfluorooctanoic acid” which is a carcinogen itself, and carcinogen is the major cause of cancer. Well you can replace this with just the normal salted popcorns

farmed salmon

This specific type of fish can cause cancer; it is so because this kind of salmon is exposed to cancer-causing agents which include antibiotics and pesticides hence it lands on the list of cancer-causing foods because of this reason, the contaminants contain high levels of carcinogens which causes cancer. It is advised that you eat the wild type of salmon that is not farmed which doesn’t contain any of the named contaminants. The alternatives for this if you are a lover of fish is; the wild salmon because it contains natural Omega 3 that has no contaminants.

Refined flour

The refined white flour is used more often when making processed foods; this can cause cancer because it contains high carbohydrate content which alters the balance of blood sugar. When the blood sugar goes too high, it triggers the production of excess insulin which causes the growth of cancer cells. The flour also contains traces of the chemicals used in bleaching; these chemicals contain carcinogens which causes cancer. As an alternative, you can use sprouted whole white flour which is organic.

Potato chips

We are told every time that these foods are not good but we are not given the reason why these foods in the first place they are fried in vegetable oil which is hydrogenated oil that is one of the causes of cancer as we have seen before. However, it is not the only cause of cancer, in processed foods, there is also a high content of salt in the foods which is another cause of cancer. These foods should be avoided and opt for other types of snacks.

Soda pop

Soda has a really high amount of sugars that are responsible of creating a conducive environment for the growth of cancer cells, it also has chemicals like caramel color that contains carcinogen, which is the main cause of cancer. Soda also has got a lot of acids which causes the cancer cells to multiply.

Red meat

Research has proved that red meat is also a possible cause of cancer, breast cancer in specific, though not all red meat can cause cancer, meat from grass-fed animals can be safe, it contains conjugated linoleic acids which fight against different types of cancer.

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